Now I have the twitter updates linked to the page so its like a constant stream of rants.. ALL THE TIME. Rejoice! -Crowd cheers- 
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4 years..? shiiittt...
Thats how long its been since I've made a blog. Trying to sum up the last 4 years would take awhile. Lets just say, I'm still here so thats a good thing. Finding the password/username took awhile. I believe Geocities.com shut down today which sparked me tracking this blog back down. The very first site I've ever made was on geocities. It started as just me messing around with html and graphics. No real direction as to what I wanted to do so there was only games and music to download with horribly done images. Anyways, I think I'll get back to blogging atleast every once in awhile. Taking some time earlier today to read back some of the things I've wrote, regardless of how random was still entertaining (to me lol). So it looks like the shops back open. Welcome (again.) 
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Seems like more women are becoming hunters..
Minus a few, it seems as if the days of courtship are slowly fading away. To be honest, its about time..lol. Don't get me wrong, approaching a female I'm attracted to and saying "Hi" isn't that big of a problem. But lets be real folks, its 2005. Waiting around for a guy to come your way and start a conversation went out of style with members only jackets and digital watches. Whats funny to me is I know females who absoluetly REFUSE to spark up a conversation with a guy no matter how attracted to him she may be. She'd rather him just walk away and losing possibly her 1 and only chance to ever see him again. (A tad dramatic, but you see my point.) That has got to be the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Its no wonder why they're all single...and will stay that way til they get it. I think what most women fail to realize is that YOU'RE the one who deicdes how far the first conversation goes. Trust me your 80% in simply by walking up to the guy and saying something. It already shows 2 things:

1. You aren't shy (A good thing.)
2. Your obviously interested in him.

The ONLY way he's not gonna talk with you is if you look as if you wash your face with bricks or something. And even then....This whole post just sorta came into fruition as a result of more girls breaking the mold and approaching guys (i.e. Me) more than usual. *salutes them* Nothing more attractive than a girl who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to go get it... 
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